About Us

Fox Elms care are a Gloucestershire based care provider who offer care and support for adults, 18 years+, who have been diagnosed with Autism, Learning difficulties and Mental Health.

Our head office is based in the city of Gloucester and we have a range of care properties across the county - Gloucester, Cheltenham, Churcham and Stroud.

We offer a bespoke service, always tailored to the individual we provide for.


Care Packages

Fox Elms care provide each individual with tailored individualised care packages placed around them.

These care packages start before the individual arrives, through our comprehensive transition process.

This transition process gives us time to discover the individuals history, previous and current needs, and allows us to focus on future goals and targets.

This also enables us to manage challenging behaviour by reducing triggers, resulting in much lower levels of challenging behaviour displayed.

The bespoke care package, only suited for individual needs includes their environment, their activities (choices, duration and locations), staff approach, time with family and ways of supporting them when presenting challenging behaviour.

Our goal with our service users is to provide a relaxed, person centred care package. This means that they may have their own flat/dwelling which will give them privacy, varying levels of independence (based on their own skill levels) and help to make the feel very comfortable and safe when they go through difficult episodes


Fox Elms Care provide individual flats for the service users that we support, Based on the level of service users skills, these flats can be of a basic setting or they can be fully equipped to meet their needs. Some are individually adapted for care needs or to keep them safe during challenging episodes

Basic setting - living room with dining facility, bedroom and bathroom. This means the service user can live in a low stimulus environment that can cope well with any challenging behaviour or high levels of risk. (i.e some service users not understanding the risks involved with kitchen appliances, therefore resulting in injury etc.)

Fully equipped - living room, dining area, bedroom, bathroom and 24hour accessible kitchen facilities.

This means the service user can have access to all areas of the flat and can have a higher stimulus environment to live in. The service users levels of skill will enable them to become more independent once having their own private environment.


Activities are as important to Fox Elms Care as they are for the service user. All of the activities provided are planned, risk assessed an chosen through understanding the service users needs, triggers and skill levels.

As a care provider, we will never make a service user take part in an activity that we feel is non beneficial to them or that cause negative experiences. All service users are different and will like different things so are treated individually.

As a care provider we look at :-

duration of activities - one of them most important factors when engaging on activities, is the length of time. Service users differ with durations, as some will enjoy 4-5 hours of activities, others will enjoy 5-10 minutes.Fox Elms Care pride themselves on making sure all activities are done correctly, and the service users do not become upset of resent challenging behaviour.

We provide activities both internally within the service users environment, and externally with one of the vehicles avaliable with the service user has booked out for their own individual drive.


All care packages are outcome focussed, to ensure development of each individual. This means regular reviews with Fox Elms Care and other professionals involved e.g., Community Learning Disabilities Team (CLDT) or Assertive outreach team (AOT).

We identify independence and development opportunities based on need and progression is at an individuals pace.

This can result in new experiences, reduction of care service required and less supported daily living with or external to FEC.